The beginnings of Pfister & Partners law firm date back to a law firm founded in the year 1984 by Erhard Pfister in Lachen SZ. With registered office in Pfäffikon SZ since 1998, Pfister & Partner law firm is one of the leading law firms in the booming economic centre at the northern end of Lake Zurich.

Our exclusive clients include companies and private individuals above all, but also communities and associations. Our preferred sphere of activity comprises the entire scope of economic law, contract law and commercial law, as well as private and public building law and official recordings. In addition, we have a strong focus on family law and the law of succession.
Our working methods are characterized by efficiency and personal commitment. A central part of our work is tailoring liaison and support to the respective needs of our clients. Any information entrusted to us is given complete protection by the privileged relationship with the attorney.

We work in different legal areas, which is why we can offer our clients high-quality and made-to-measure solutions for dealing with multi-faceted legal problems. Our high-calibre staff and professional capacity allow us to handle even complex matters precisely, efficiently and cost-effectively at any time.

At Pfister & Partners law firm the attorney of your trust is your personal contact, who knows your concerns and personally attends to your affairs. All attorneys in our dynamic, motivated and committed team work both in any advisory capacity as well as regularly forensically. Satisfied customers are our yardstick for the quality of our services.

At Pfister & Partners law firm we believe that specialist skills are necessary in order to deal with certain matters. If your contact does not have the necessary expertise to deal with your mandate personally, he/she will suggest that you call in an expert. In this way we aim to use resources effectively and efficiently, paying particular attention to the time required for these matters. We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us at any time.
The main focus of the work carried out by the attorneys of Pfister & Partners law firm involves maintaining the highest standards of quality, performance and cost efficiency. For this reason, we make every effort to achieve cost transparency and always strive to reach individual agreements on fees.

Matters regarding fees are governed by the following scales:
  • Regulation concerning Lawyers' Fees [Verordnung über die Anwaltsgebühren] of 21 June 2006 of the Higher Regional Court
    of the Canton of Zurich
  • Scale of Fees for Law Firms of 27 January 1975 of the Government Council of the Canton of Schwyz.

We have modern offices in prime, easily accessible locations with cutting-edge facilities.

Huobstrasse 3
Postfach 343
Bahnhofstrasse 110
+41 55 415 80 80
+41 55 415 80 89
+41 44 210 11 33
+41 44 210 11 43

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The attorneys of Pfister & Partners law firm are entered in the cantonal register of lawyers and the register of persons authorized to act as certifying officers.

We are also members of the following executive bodies:
  • Swiss Association of Lawyers [Schweizerischer Anwaltsverband] SAV/FSA
  • Association of Lawyers of the Canton of Schwyz
  • German-Swiss Lawyers Association [Deutsch-Schweizerische Juristenvereinigung], Bonn
  • March-Höfe Association of House Owners, Legal Information Centre
  • "Europa Institut Zürich" Association, centre of competence for matters of European law